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Established as a subsidiary of the International Peeling Society (established in 2012 and headquartered in Germany), the International Peeling Society-USA (IPS-USA) was founded in 2018 and works to advance the mission of the IPS in the United States promoting awareness, training and practice of chemical peeling.

We are driven to increase education and training of chemical peels, heighten both physician and public awareness of the advantages of chemical peels, and engage physicians to share the unified message of what peels can do for you.

An organization exclusively dedicated to the art, science and technology of chemical peels. 


Learn more about the International Peeling Society and discover how you can become a member of this international community of physicians dedicated to the field of chemical peels.

Our Mission

To advance the awareness, training and practice of chemical peeling in the United States

Our Vision

Dedicated to the discovery, education and promotion of the art, science and technology of chemical peels.

Our Mission

Meet The Leadership


Kachiu Lee, MD


Board of Directors


Rebecca Tung, MD

Finance Chair

Board of Directors


Harold Brody, MD


Board of Directors


Emily Keller, MD


Board of Directors


Seaver Soon, MD

Vice Chair

Board of Directors


Gary Monheit, MD

Administrative Chair

Board of Directors


Pearl Grimes, MD


Board of Directors


Peter Rullan, MD


Board of Directors


Marina Landau, MD

Representative to the Board of Directors

IPS-USA Member Committees

Awards Committee

Peter Rullan, MD, Chair

Gary Monheit, MD, Co-chair

William Coleman, MD

Mary Sheu, MD

Social Media & PR Committee

Heidi Prather, MD, Chair

Mara Weinstein Velez, MD, Co-Chair

Kachiu Lee, MD


Fundraising Committee

Vivian Bucay, MD, Chair

Pearl Grimes, MD, Co-Chair

Carlos Wambier, MD

Rhoda Narins, MD

If you are interested in participating on a committee, please contact us at

Education Committee

Jennifer Rullan, MD, Chair

Brian Raphael, MD, Co-Chair

Oge Onwudiwe, MD

Lawrence Kass, MD

Emily Keller, MD

Mentorship Committee

Carlos Wambier, MD, Chair

Anthony Rossi, MD, Co-Chair

David Laub, MD

Seemal Desai, MD

Harold Brody, MD



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