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New Patent for Deep Chemical Peels Revealed at “Peeling Around the World” Educational Session

International Peeling Society-USA to host in-person presentations on best practices in chemical peels during AAD’s Global Education Day at the Boston Convention Center on March 24.

Rolling Meadows, IL, March 21, 2022 --( A new U.S. patent has been issued to Carlos Wambier, MD, PhD, the inventor of a deep chemical peel formula that is more stable, resulting in better safety and more uniform patient results. The “Compositions and Methods for Treating Skin Conditions” patent, granted on February 22, 2022, describes the recent improvement in emulsification of phenol-croton oil formulas for deep chemical peels to treat deep wrinkling of the skin, remove deeper pigmentation anomalies and treat precancerous skin growths. The research leading to the discovery coincided with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ban on Triclosan, an ingredient in Septisol®, which is used in existing peel formulas. Dr. Wambier’s patent demonstrates the challenge with Septisol® is de-stabilization of the phenol-croton oil peel mixtures used in deep peels, as it creates two distinct zones of activity. This separation makes it difficult for dermatologic surgeons to predict dosing and forces them to actively swirl the formula to maintain the mixture throughout the application process. This can lead to uneven results due to varied concentration and strength with added risk of splashing and increased volatility. Too weak of a dose can result in under-correction, while a mixture too strong can cause complications such as scarring. The patented formula creates more uniform peel mixtures, allowing the physician to focus on the application technique and concentration of the active ingredients to dose the strength of the peel. “As Dr. Thomas Baker wrote in a 1976 article in the 'Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery' journal, ‘it has been said that we should not be ashamed to change our methods — rather, we should be ashamed never to do so’,” shared Dr. Wambier. “With the new surfactant, the formula is more stable and uniform throughout the peel, supporting continuous improvement of this treatment.”

Dr. Wambier is an Assistant Professor of Dermatology, Clinician Educator and Director of Clinical Trials in the Department of Dermatology at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University. He will discuss his new patent for deep chemical peel formulation at the International Peeling Society-USA (IPS-USA) “Peeling Around the World” educational session on March 24 during the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Global Education Day in Boston, Massachusetts during the “Deep Depth Peels” presentation beginning at 3:00 PM in Room 104 ABC.

IPS-USA’s 4.5-hour Peeling Around the World educational event features stellar international faculty with content focused on the latest innovations and uses of superficial to deep chemical peels for therapeutic and aesthetic indications across all skin types. Physicians and residents can register online at For course or workshop-related questions, contact IPS-USA at or 847-871-4800. About the International Peeling Society-USA IPS-USA ( is dedicated to promoting the highest possible standards in clinical practice, education and research in chemical peeling and to promote the highest standards of patient care and encourage public interest relating to chemical peels in the United States. The International Peeling Society, founded in 2012, has an international focus and is headquartered in Germany.


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