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What can chemical peels do for you?


Before and after photos courtesy of J. Barton Sterling, MD.

Chemical peels use different types of solutions to break down layer(s) of the skin to dimish the look of wrinkles, lines, large pores and discoloration by evening out the skin tone. Peels are not a new treatment and have been around since the 1800's; however, they are seeing a resurgence as a safe and cost-effective procedure offering amazing aesthetic results. 

There are different types of chemical peels reflecting how deep the peel penetrates the skin layers - superficial, medium-depth and deep-depth. The deeper peels treat more severe conditions such as excessive sun damage, acne scarring and can tighten the skin. Recovery time varies and increases with the depth of the peel. Side effects include raw, red skin and will involve the skin peeling for deeper peels. Generally, an ointment is applied over the course of recovery and the patient should avoid sun exposure during the recovery period. Although there is skin peeling, this should not be painful. Patients will likely have check-in appointments to evaluate recovery progression.

Interested in seeing if a chemical peel is right for you? IPS-USA recommends seeing a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to discuss your options. 

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